1125@Carleton Announces Partnership with Health First to Support Mobile Nursing Technologies in First Nations Communities

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1125@Carleton1125@Carleton at Carleton University has partnered with Health First, an Ottawa based not-for-profit organization, to support the development of an innovative mobile health services system that will empower front-line nurses working in First Nations communities.

“We are extremely excited about the partnership with 1125@Carleton,” said John MacBeth, president and CEO of Health First. “United with the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association, 1125@Carleton rounds out a committed group of progressive and publically focused organizations. Disruptive thinking, corporate social activism and innovation are at the core of our vision and 1125@Carleton provides us with a perfect base camp for our movement to thrive.”

MacBeth, who is also a PhD student at Carleton’s School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, designed the Health First App to help nurses by providing a cloud-based technology to maintain patient records in at-risk communities. The Health First App will replace a paper-based record keeping system that currently exists in a number of First Nations communities.

The app is designed to:

  • Allow nurses to focus on clients rather than paperwork;
  • Improve the safety and security of sensitive information; and
  • Ensure accessibility to the app by making it affordable to users.

The Health First app represents an opportunity to provide unique access to electronic health information in First Nations communities.

Read the original release here.